Victoria Falls Activities

Victoria Falls Safari and Wildlife Activities

Chobe Day Trip – $170 (10 hours)

+ Parks fees $15 + Fuel Surcharge $10

A very popular, full-day trip from Victoria falls to Chobe in Botswana.  It includes a boat cruise on the Chobe River and a game drive in Chobe National Park. The park is well known for it’s elephant and lion populations. Transfers from Victoria Falls are included, as is lunch – at a lodge location on the banks of the river.

Specialised Zambezi Game Drive – $75 Half Day | $150 Full Day

+ Parks fees $15 + Fuel Surcharge $10

A proessionally guided game drive through the Zambezi National park, upstream from the Victoria Falls on the River. A park home to lots of game including elephant, buffalo, giraffe, kudu, zebra and hippo. You may also encounter other game – with possible sightings of lion and leopard, if you’re lucky!  The bird-life is fantastic and you can stop along the river for drinks and sightings of river views.  The drive is an hour and takes place in the mornings and afternoons with snacks and drinks suited to the time of day.

*This activity is not available on instant book, please Talk to us.

Zambezi Game Drive – $75 (3 & 4 hours)

+ Parks fees $15 + Fuel Surcharge $10

These drives take place in the Zambezi National Park, setting off either early morning or mid-afternoon. Using an open four-wheel drive vehicle, the game drive allows guests to discover many interpretations of the bush and all its inhabitants, related to them by qualified guides. This is an uncontrived bush experience, covering a genuinely wild, unfenced wilderness.  The morning safari sets off at 0600hrs and a light breakfast and tea/coffee are served. The afternoon safari departs at 1500hrs and soft drinks, beer, mineral waters and a snack platter are offered.

Zambezi Walking Safari – $75 Half day /$150 Full day

+ Parks fees $15 + Fuel Surcharge $10

A professionally guided walk through the Zambezi National Park.  A wonderful opportunity to get to know the natural flora and fauna guided, on foot, into the Park and along the river, amongst the incredible wildlife living there.

*This activity is not available on instant book, please Talk to us.

Siduli Hide – $55 (3 hours)

A completely unobtrusive, authentic way to view animals up close and personally.  The hide is built like a termite mound, with a viewing window looking out towards the waterhole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.  Guests are safely hidden inside, watching the animals coming down for a drink.  The wildlife walk a few feet from the hide, enabling close observation of elephant, kudu, buffalo, impala, baboon, crocodiles, warthog, marabou storks, vultures and more.  A special experience where the animals can be viewed completely unaware of human presence.

*This activity is not available on instant book, please Talk to us.

Night Drive – $120 (3 hours)

This nightdrive takes place on a private game reserve just outside Victoria Falls.  It is a a thrilling experience to see nocturnal animals in their natural environment, with all the smells and sights of the wild night life.  This is an opportunity to also possibly see large predators like lion and hyena on their nightly adventures.  Transfers to and from your hotel are included.

Throught the eyes of an Elephant. (Elephant Encounter) – $110 (3 hours)

The Elephant Encounter affords guests the opportunity to unobtrusively observe some of the biggest personalities in Africa, the African elephant in their natural home.  A pristine wilderness environment overflowing with raw natural beauty. Guests spend time and connect with elephants in a very close, special way.

Zambezi Horse Trails and Riding – $95 (2.5-3 hours)

+ Parks Fees $20

Seeing wildlife from horseback is a wonderful experience to have in Victoria Falls. As a rider there is no better way to see wild animals close-up.  The animals treat you more like one of them and allow you to get really close.  There are beautiful stretches of ground in which to have a canter with the ability to also slow down and pass by the riverine flora and fauna having a close eye on things along the way.  To stop and observe or canter along the river’s edge.  It’s a special way to gameview in the rugged Zambezi National Park at nature’s pace.

Victoria Falls Birding Safari – $75 (3 hours)

+ Parks Fees $15

With 415 species of bird resident to Victoria falls and the surrounding region, it is well worth a birding safari for serious twitchers and bird enthusiasts alike.  The most popular time to go is the early morning trip and tea and coffee and other refreshments are provided.  You will be driven through the national park and be on foot exploring a number of different habitats in and around Victoria Falls. It is a half day safari, lasting 3 hours.

*This activity is not available on instant book, please Talk to us.

Fishing Safari – $135 (3 hours)

+ Parks Fees $15

Suited for people of all experience levels, Zambezi River fishing safaris are run as 3-hour trips – but you can also book full days and even multiple day trips.  There are over 75 fish species found in the River – Barbel, Upper Zambezi Yellowfish, Bream and Tilapia being a few.  The Tiger Fish is the most sought-after.  If you love fishing or want to try something new, it also gives you the ability to be on the river.

*This activity is not available on instant book, please Talk to us.

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