All parents know how important it is for our kids to be entertained while we are on holiday! There are so many family-friendly activities to enjoy in Victoria Falls.  Below are some ideas that won’t break the bank and kids below 12 years old are half price for these activities.

1.  Boma Dinner and Interactive Drumming

This is a truly entertaining and exciting evening for the whole family.  You will all be captivated from the moment you step into the Boma with the smells, colours, sights and music of Africa. Each guest is ceremoniously draped in Chitenge cloths before being welcomed by traditional dancers and a mini face paint.  While you dine on delicious food from the buffet, your kids can be entertained by a local folklore storyteller, a fortune teller, a hair braider and elaborate face painters.  The highlight of the Boma is the renowned energetic interactive drumming show after dinner. Everyone is given a Djembe Drum to participate and learn a few rhythms and the evening is capped off by acapella singers serenading you at your table.

2.  Cultural Tours

Whether it’s a tour out to the local Village or a walk around the curio markets we know your family will love meeting the local Zimbabwean people. We are known for our welcoming and warm natures. A cultural tour can provide insight into the local customs and traditions of the people who live in the area. It is a great opportunity for kids to see how other people live in other parts of the world.

3.  A Painting workshop in nature


This is a very special activity that families absolutely love to do together.  An Art workshop with your family, guided by a wonderful Zimbabwean artist.  Paint the Zambezi River, the magnificent Victoria Falls, elephants or a village scene. Combine with a picnic and it is the perfect family day out. You will also have a wonderful keepsake to remember this incredible experience.

4. Zip lining & Gorge Swings

My kids love throwing themselves off the gorge with these adrenaline activities done from the Lookout Cafe. It is not for the feint hearted, as a mum I often need to cover my eyes, but it’s a thrilling way for them to experience the beauty of the Batoka Gorge from a unique perspective and the kids talk about the experience for days after. You can grab a coffee, cocktail, snack or a full meal at the Lookout Café while the kids are being entertained or you can join in the fun! You can see the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge from this spot too.

5. Canopy Tour

This is also done at the Lookout Café but much tamer that the zip – lining and gorge swings. It is a series of mini zip lines that criss-cross a narrow section of the gorge over a canopy of trees. End the tour with a delicious snack or a milkshake and you will have some very happy kids.

6. A Tour of Victoria Falls

A Guided Tour of Victoria Falls is a great way for the whole family to experience this Natural Wonder of the World and children love this tour.  What a special experience to able to give them the gift of seeing this spectacle for the first time.  Depending on the season, they will either be experiencing this exciting adventure getting soaked in the spray, or simply watching the water cascading over the edge (with sightings of rainbows) in the sunshine. Our local Zimbabwean guides are warm and friendly and have lots of patience with children. They are a wealth of knowledge on the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as being full of stories and information that you won’t find on the Information boards.

7. Wildlife spotting

Going on a game drive is a wonderful way for children to see a variety of African wildlife, including elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo, zebra, giraffe, impala, warthog, kudu & waterbuck. Children love seeing the animals in their natural habitat and will even get a glimpse of the mighty Zambezi river. You will get a light snack while on the game drive, and we know how important it is for kids to have a snack to keep them happy!

8. Bird watching

This is such a great way for kids to learn to appreciate all things great and small. The area around Victoria Falls is home to a variety of bird species, making it a great place for bird watching. The whole family will enjoy learning all about the birds, it opens a whole new world and surely turn you into an avid “twitcher”, if you are not already, as you tick off all the birds on your list.

9. Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

Take a guided tour of the historic Victoria Falls Bridge with your family. The bridge spans across the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia and offers stunning views of the falls. The bridge tour in fascinating and you and your children will learn so much history with a fun and informative guide as they take you down the passage of time.

10. Classic River Safari

This is a much better river cruise for children. It’s not a “booze cruise” nor does it have all the frills of some of the other cruises. It’s also more personal and exclusive so the crew can pay more attention to curious children. The boat is smaller and has a flat bottom so it can go to areas of the river that the other bigger boats can’t get to.  So, if you are wanting a more private, child-friendly boat cruise, this is the one.

11.  Bamba Tram

Whoop! Whoop! It is so much fun hopping aboard the Bamba Tram.  The Morning Bamba tram is especially good for kids and it goes through a section of the National park, so there is a high chance of spotting wildlife.  It also goes onto the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, where you can get off and do a little walk around the Bridge museum. You also get a unique view of the Falls and a look down over a long stretch of the Batoka gorge.  This is an affordable activity to start a day out with the family!

12. Explore on bikes – guided, or on your own

All about town you can find e-bikes and bike rentals, most of the hotels and lodges can point you to a bike you can rent. Ask your accommodation provider for some pointers on trails you can explore or where to find bikes. Be mindful of the wildlife, keep a wide girth and watch from a distance if you come across any. Another way is to hire a local guide to show you around. This is quite nice as they can share a wealth of knowledge on the area and take you to other areas of interest.

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